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Watching TV Using The all New Amazon Fire TV Stick With Detailed Reviews and Features Revealed

Amazon Fire TV stick, the latest entertainment innovation from Amazon, is a tiny USB bar that you can plug into the HDMI port of your HDTV for video streaming.

It is the literal tiny version of Amazon Fire TV, only with minimal speed difference. This video streaming device is a great package for Amazon prime members due to bundle of premium services, apps and features that it offers.

Features of New Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • It is driven by Fire OS, an operating system especially designed for HDTV.
  • It is a space-saver due to its size. The remote is slightly larger than the USB media hub.
  • It offers interfaces as effective as the Fire TV such as large tiles for media apps
  • Experience the 30-day trial subscription and access contents without downloading any apps.
  • It has uncompromising specs, since it is the smaller version of its big brother, the first Amazon Fire T, you can expect a scaled-down performance but still, a fast streaming device.
  • It also includes a remote for easy access and channel selection
  • It is very affordable with great selection of apps.
  • It works fast, perfect and very responsive for other Amazon devices.
  • It offers dozens of online media services and hundreds of games.
  • It carries major movie and music services including Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Sling TV, Twitch. It just added HBO Go earlier this year.

Watching Experience Using Amazon Fire TV Stick

Enjoy the no-delay TV shows and your favorite movies with the latest Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is not only the movies that will make your Amazon Fire TV stick experience an amazing one, but the wide selection of apps that you can choose and play. You can also listen to over millions of songs using this device. Apart from listening, you can also customize your playlist with all your favorite downloads with using this TV stick.

Replaying Your Favorite Movies

Watching your favorite movie is not a problem with Amazon Fire TV Stick.With its app Kodi, you can reload and repeat the movie of your choice. All you need is to download and install Kodi on the Fire TV stick. After downloading it, open the app at the side of the HD monitor and locate the video you want to replay using the remote.You can create a separate playlist for all your movies so you can just scroll down when you want to replay any of them.