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Watch Newly Released Movies & Television Shows Using Amazons Instant Video App

Amazon never fails to provide the best quality of service for its subscribers – something that it attested with their latest Amazon Instant Video App.

This state-of-the-art app allows users and subscribers to get access to the latest movies and favorite television shows using their smartphones.

Amazon Instant Video App Description

Using your smartphone powered by Android, you can now watch the newly released movies with just a tap of your finger. With Amazon Instant Video App, you can stream thousands of movies and TV episodes – instantly! These movies and shows include those that are exclusive for Amazon Originals – all for FREE if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Using your catalog, you can browse for thousands of videos that you can buy or rent at affordable prices. Choose from the wide selection of Golden Globe winners, Best TV Series, and Musical or Comedy – that are included in more than 200,000 titles. There are also kiddy shows such as educational and musical shows that your children will surely enjoy!

HD Movies

Discard those low resolution and pixilated movies that you often experience with your huge flat screen. Well, you are not the first one to experience that.Since your huge HD flat screen television has a very high pixel requirement, ordinary low definition movies might get too stretched, destroying the quality of the movie – and eventually your movie experience. But with Amazon Instant Video App, you can have the high definition movies – all of them – old and new!Its latest version, Amazons Instant Video App3.0 covers the best HD movies you can possibly imagine.

Know Your Film

Amazon Instant Video also provides actor biographies, trivia and information for you to get familiar with the actors who played in the movie you watched.

  • Take Control

Amazons Instant Video App also allows its users to control their mobile data usage as they have the freewill to download only the movies they like and the quality in the settings menu. Users can actually access their movies and data stored in their mobile app anytime, anywhere –whenever you’re connected through a Wi-Fi or using your data plan.

Extra Features of Amazon Instant Video App

Nothing can stop you form watching your favorite movies. If you started watching your smartphone, you can actually resume watching them using your Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon Fire TV, game consoles, PC, Mac, or other devices connected on TV or Blu-ray players with Amazon Whispersync.