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Watching TV Using The all New Roku® Streaming Stick Reviewed

In recent years, the emergence of fast internet download and upload speeds brought about a new competitor to satellite and cable TV. Streaming has gained major steps to becoming the preferred approach to watching TV.

Roku streaming stick is one of the devices that aims at meeting this need enabling you to be able to stream from a very wide selection of channels on your TV.

First Impressions

Roku streaming stick is a small sized purple dongle that goes right to the HDMI port of your TV. It has a chargerthat powers it toshow movies, TV shows and music from any of the streaming services you have subscribed to. These may include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Spotify, and more.

Setting Up the Roku Streaming Device

This involves a simple 4 stepguide that will help you set up the device:

  • Connect your stick to the TV’s HDMI port while ensuring that the stick is hooked up to its charger.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password once the menu pops up.
  • Enter your login details or register if you don’t have a Roku account.
  • Finally activate your services be it Netflix, Spotify, Hulu Plus etc. by entering the code that shows up onscreen.

A Handy Remote for Roku

As part of its package, the stick comes with a simple remote that gives you the ease of going through channels. Other than the regular home, back and play, it also has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and M-Go.

Navigating Using the App

You can navigate through Roku using the remote or app available for windows, android and iOS. The app gives you the chance to use your keyboard when searching for content. You can look up your favorite actors and Roku will enlist their movies and places from where you can stream them, all for your enjoyment. It also packs a feature called play on Roku which allows the user to view photos, play music and videos in full 1080p.


The greatest thing that makes this stick worth having is its price. At $50, you can access 2000+ channels in the U.S. showing over 250,000 movies and TV episodes. Don’t forget you also receive music, news, sports, and more from your Roku streaming stick. You should however remember that some channels require payment and channel availability sometimes changes and varies by country. Flexibility is another great feature in this device. If you are a traveller and looking for a better alternative to those expensive channels in the hotel, this small portable device won’t fail you when it comes to entertainment. It easily fits in your pocket though you’ll have to pack the charger and the remote in your suitcase. If you have been looking for an easy and reliable way to stream movies and TV, the Roku streaming stick is worth checking out.