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Stream Movies & Television Shows Using Various Video Games Consoles Explained

Your video game console is not only great for playing games, but you must also maximize its ability to stream movies and television shows. According to Business Insider, almost 54% of US households are using video game consoles to stream movies and televisions.

This accounts to almost 19 million U.S. households use video game consoles as television streaming device. So whether you are using PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, Ouya, Wii or Wii U, you can view the cable channels of your choice without switching devices and places every now and then.

The Benefits of Video Game Consoles as TV Streaming Device

Video game consoles consume less electricity than the common streaming devices like televisions. Another feature of video game consoles that make it more useful than television is that you can easily switch channels without closing the current video you are watching. For example, you can check on the football status on the World Cup app while watching other videos or playing games on the side.

What Your Game Consoles are Made of

Your PS3 or Xbox 360 has built in media center capabilities, making it easy for you to set up a stream video. These media capabilities are easy to set up. Usually, the user manual guide of your game console provides a detailed instruction on how to set up this function. Although Wii and Wii U don’t have the same media capabilities, you can still use them as media boxes for your home entertainment set up.

For PS3 and Xbox

If you use PS3 and Xbox, make sure that your Media Server is installed and running perfectly. You can access this through the server desktop where your device is linked to. You can also directly plug in a USB flash drive or hard drive to the device and stream videos directly. This is the same process for Xbox. You can directly access the setup using the control. From the main Dashboard,select the TV and Movies tab. Then select “System Video Player”, and then click on “PS3 Media Server.” Lastly, select a video and start streaming. Enjoy your movie streaming! Although Wii and Wii U are a little bit harder to set up, there are online help that you can seek for this. Basically, you need to download Orb Caster and have it installed. Launch Orb Caster and then choose the movie files you want to watch.